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The Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) is a technical administration unit overseeing and managing IT resources and infrastructures on campus. We provide information and communication services for staff and students at the University in support of teaching, learning, research and business.


icon-46 CUHK(SZ) Account

With the CUHK(SZ) account, you can access to CUHK(SZ) IT resources and services, including Email, Campus Wi-Fi, Moodle, Student Information System, computers in the classrooms and library, etc.

Activating your CUHK(SZ) account

Your username is your student ID number. Your initial password is on the document provided by ITSO. The initial password can only be used for activating your account. The services and facilities associated with the account will not be available until your account is activated. It is suggested that you change your password as soon as possible when you get it.

Change Password

Users are required to change their password when logging in to MyPortal for the first time. Please refer to the following security rules for password change.

Password security rules

At least 8 characters long, including 4 types of character sets:

  • Upper case letters (A, B, C, ...)
  • Lower case letters (a, b, c, ...)
  • Numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)
  • Special characters (!, @, #, ...)

It should not be the same as the previous two passwords.

For example, "Atx@18967" is a valid password, for it contains 9 characters, upper case letters ("A"), lower case letters ("tx"), numbers ("18967") and special characters ("@"). However, "abc12345" is invalid, for it only contains two types of the character sets.

Password expiry

You are required to change the password every 365 days. You will receive an email reminder 15 days before it is due to expire. If your password expires, you will not be able to access the services and facilities associated with your CUHK(SZ) account until you change your password.

Password forgotten or expired

If you have set password protection or have bound another personal email address on MyPortal, you can quickly reset the password of your CUHK(SZ) account on MyPortal without contacting ITSO Service Desk when the password is forgotten or expires.

If you haven't set password protection nor bound another personal email address on MyPortal, you should bring your valid ID certificates to apply for a password reset at ITSO Service Desk when the password is forgotten or expires.



Email is the primary communication tool for tutors, teachers, academic departments, colleges and central services to contact you. The latest information, notices and class arrangements, are often delivered by email. It is advisable to check your university email account daily.

Each student in CUHK(SZ) will get a university email account on arrival.

If your student ID number is 5112010001, then,
Email account: 5112010001@link.cuhk.edu.cn

Password: (the same password of CUHK(SZ) account)

Accessing Email System

Students can access the University email system at Web mail URL address.

Email can be read via a desktop email programs or a mobile mail application. Should you wish to configure other devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), please use the following settings:

Account Type: Exchange

Email Address: your student ID@link.cuhk.edu.cn

Server: outlook.office365.com

Domain: (Leave Blank)

Username: your student ID@link.cuhk.edu.cn 

Password: the password of CUHK(SZ) account


Each Email account has 50GB of space. Please avoid using up all your space as you will be unable to send or receive any emails if the space is full. The use of mass emailing is restricted to important matters, i.e., teaching and administrative related issues. It is not recommended to use university email to send advertisements.



The University network provides free connections across the campus. You can access the campus network and internet by wired or wireless means. It is recommended that you do not use Thunder and other P2P software.


Wi-Fi is available in all major buildings on campus. Students can have access to Wi-Fi via their CUHK(SZ) account.

How to use Wi-Fi?

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device and connect to CUHK(SZ).
  2. An authentication web page will appear when the Wi-Fi connection is detected. If not, open a web page in browser and wait for the authentication page.
  3. Enter your CUHK(SZ) account and password.

Free Internet access is also available in the college dormitories. Students can access the campus network through a wired or wireless network in the dormitory. The University offers free Wi-Fi service to all visitors on campus. To enjoy the service, visitors only need to select the University Wi-Fi, i.e., CUHK(SZ)-GUEST, enter their cellphone numbers, and receive the text messages with verification codes.


eduroam (education roaming) is the free, secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Having started in Europe, eduroam has rapidly expanded throughout the research and education community and is now available in nearly 90 territories worldwide and emerging pilot locations. CUHK-Shenzhen joined eduroam on October 15, 2015. Please refer to  https://www.eduroam.org  to find eduroam's global deployment details. Students can access eduroam for free internet services when visiting other participating institutions. For more details, refer to the following login guidelines and precautions.

The method of connecting eduroam is as follows:

1.    Open Wi-Fi setting, select "eduroam";
2.    Log in with your CUHK(SZ) account: user name is the same as your University email account, for example, johnsmith@cuhk.edu.cn, password is the same as your email’s;
3.    Click "Connect". 


1.    At CUHK-Shenzen, University intranet (private network) is inaccessible if eduroam is connected;
2.    The user name for students to connect eduroam is student ID number plus the suffix @cuhk.edu.cn, not @link.cuhk.edu.cn. For example, a student’s eduroam user name should be 123456789@cuhk.edu.cn.