I Am Alumni

The Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) is a technical administration unit overseeing and managing IT resources and infrastructures on campus. We provide information and communication services for staff and students at the University in support of teaching, learning, research and business. As alumni of CUHK(SZ), you will have permanent access to CUHK(SZ) Email account. Other IT resource services are temporarily unavailable.



As alumni, you can still use CUHK(SZ) Email account, i.e., student ID@link.cuhk.edu.cn.

If your student ID number is 5112010001, then,
Email account: 5112010001@link.cuhk.edu.cn
Password: (the same password of CUHK(SZ) account)

Accessing Email System

Students can access the University email system at Web mail URL address.

Email can be read via a desktop email programs or a mobile mail application. Should you wish to configure other devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), please use the following settings:

Account Type: Exchange

Email Address: your student ID@link.cuhk.edu.cn

Server: outlook.office365.com

Domain: (Leave Blank)

Username: your student ID@link.cuhk.edu.cn 

Password: the password of CUHK(SZ) account


Each Email account has 50GB of space. Please avoid using up all your space as you will be unable to send or receive any emails if the space is full. The use of mass emailing is restricted to important matters, i.e., teaching and administrative related issues. It is not recommended to use university email to send advertisements.

Change Password

Users are required to change their password when logging in to MyPortal for the first time. Please refer to the following security rules for password change.

Password security rules

At least 8 characters long, including 4 types of character sets:

  • Upper case letters (A, B, C, ...)
  • Lower case letters (a, b, c, ...)
  • Numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)
  • Special characters (!, @, #, ...)

It should not be the same as the previous two passwords.

For example, "Atx@18967" is a valid password, for it contains 9 characters, upper case letters ("A"), lower case letters ("tx"), numbers ("18967") and special characters ("@"). However, "abc12345" is invalid, for it only contains two types of the character sets.

Password expiry

You are required to change the password every 365 days. You will receive an email reminder 15 days before it is due to expire. If your password expires, you will not be able to access the services and facilities associated with your CUHK(SZ) account until you change your password.

Password forgotten or expired

If you have set password protection or have bound another personal email address on MyPortal, you can quickly reset the password of your CUHK(SZ) account on MyPortal without contacting ITSO Service Desk when the password is forgotten or expires.

If you haven't set password protection nor bound another personal email address on MyPortal, you should bring your valid ID certificates to apply for a password reset at ITSO Service Desk when the password is forgotten or expires.