The Information Technology Services Office (ITSO) is a technical administration unit to oversee and manage IT resources and infrastructures on campus. We help to identify and implement the most cost-effective and efficient technology solutions that enable faculty, staff and students to more readily achieve their academic, research and administrative missions.

The Information Technology Services Office is divided into the following four groups:

-User Service Group

As the service window of ITSO, user service group is committed to improving user satisfaction by providing first-class IT services to teachers and students throughout the school and continuously improving and optimizing IT service processes. The specific responsibilities of this group are as follows: Implementing the standardization and streamlining of information operation and maintenance services, the construction of the operation and maintenance service catalogs; management and maintenance of terminals such as computers, networks, and printing devices; management and maintenance of all audio and video equipment; user education, preparation of user manual etc.; managing and maintaining IT equipment including all laboratory computers; IT support for major events, conferences, etc.; providing first-line IT services for users, including various information services, telephone, email, network, printing, campus card, etc. 

-Network System Group

This group is responsible for the construction of data center infrastructure and information network, including the construction and maintenance management of network equipment, server equipment, disaster recovery system, storage, etc.; ensuring the normal operation of wireless and wired network, printers, telephone systems, wireless AP, switchers, routers, etc.; access to network ports, IP address; monitoring of information security and treatment of emergency risks.

-Application Development Group 

This group is responsible for the plan, design, construction and maintenance of various core application systems. So far lots of application systems such as University website, MyPortal, HRMS, Oracle EBS Finance, Expense Claim System, Online Payment Platform, Students Information System and eLearning; and development of subsystems for event registration, online application etc.

-Weak Current Engineering Group

This group is responsible for the construction of the university's IT infrastructure, including construction and supervision of weak current systems and audio and video systems, weak current wiring, video surveillance, campus access control system, vehicle access management system, campus card system; regular inspection and maintenance of weak electric wells.