University Data Center

As an important part of the information construction of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, data center construction must be conducted in accordance with the principles of high starting point, high requirements, good quality, high standards and solid reliability, so as to meet the needs of IT service applications. The overall design and implementation of the works shall fully reflect the concept of safety, reliability, manageability, flexibility, practicability and advancement. We aim to build a domestically leading data center that meets international standards.

The construction of the data center shall focus on “intelligence", which refers to the integration of computer technology, control technology, communication technology, Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and remote sensing technology while maintaining basic features such as air conditioning and power security functions. The use of such has technologies will give the data center a new vitality, perfectly combining cold computer hardware with the intelligent and humanized designs, just like the connection between human brain and body. To this end, we have launched an intelligent computer room integrated management system that integrates the various power related environment equipment and subsystems of the entire computer room into a unified monitoring and management platform. Through the unified and easy-to-use graphical user interface, maintenance personnel can monitor any device in the equipment room anytime, anywhere, and obtain real-time and historical information needed for efficient global event management. The system provides advanced management tools, real-time management information and comprehensive historical records for the maintenance personnel. In addition to improving the management of the equipment systems and realizing scientific management, this system also saves manpower and reduces the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, enabling them to respond quickly to emergencies and reducing the harm and loss caused by accidents, thus elevating data center management to a new level.


The data center is located on the first floor of RA Laboratory Building, with a total area of about 1,000 square meters, including 400 square meters for the equipment room, 143 square meters for the UPS room, 57 square meters for the MDF, 210 square meters for the monitoring center, and 200 square meters for other functional areas.

We have adopted the industry leading modular cabinet design & layout (closed cooling channel).  Compared with the traditional machine room, the modular cabinets are smarter, more efficient, energy-saving, easy to expand and easy to manage. According to the school's development plan for informationization, we will use a total of 8 cabinet module groups (closed cooling channel). In this phase, according to the energy consumption of the equipment, we plan to use one set of high-density modules and four sets of medium-density modules, the former is provided for equipment with high energy consumption (12KW power consumption of each cabinet).  In terms of medium-density modules, the power consumption of each cabinet is 4KW. The high-density module is composed of six 42KW row-level precision air conditioners and 12 standard cabinets with 19-inch mesh. The medium-density module is composed of four 25KW row-level precision air conditioners and 16 standard cabinets 19-inch mesh.

All precision air conditioners adopt horizontal air supply (front cold air send to the cooling channel and hot air vented from behind).


DCIM adopts a combination of software and hardware, the former refers to NetEco, and latter refers to cameras, temperature sensors, multi-function sensors, access controllers etc.  It is capable of room temperature warning, flooding warning, high humidity warning, etc.  through the combination of software and hardware, each warning will be sent in first time to the management personnel by SMS or email.

Power supply is an important part of the data center. The project adopts 2N+X mode (two-way mains and one way for oil machine). Two sets of 300+300KVA UPS provide independent dual-circuit power protection for the equipment. The RPDU column header of each distribution circuit of the precision distribution cabinet can be detected and managed.

The construction of our data center is domestically leading and meets the international standards. At present, company leaders from various industries have come to visit in an attempt to learn from the case.


In order to actively create a first-class information-based campus environment that meets the requirements of teaching, research, management and service modernization, we will continue to learn, progress and be committed to standing on the forefront of campus informationization.