Each staff in CUHK-Shenzhen will have two telephone numbers, an internal and an external number. The internal number is a five-digit number (7XXXX). The external number is 842 or 235 +your internal number. To set up call forwarding on your office phone number, you can log in to the IP Phone Self Care Portal: https://ucscp.cuhk.edu.cn/ucmuser.

The country code for China is 86, and the area code for Shenzhen is 755. Each staff member can make domestic long distance calls by default. If you need to make international calls, you should submit an application to the head of your Department. Staff members are advised to refrain from using the office phone lines for private business.

Dialing instructions

Internal Call (Extension number):

Last 5 digits of office phone number.

E.g. ITSO hotline: 84273333 => Ext No: 73333

Call to CUHK, Shatin, Hong Kong (Phone No. beginning with “3943):

Last 5 digits of CUHK office phone number.

E.g. the number: 39431234 => Ext No: 31234

Local Call (within Shenzhen area):

9+【Phone Number】

E.g. 9 81234567

Domestic Call (Within mainland China):

9+0+【Area code】+【Phone Number】

E.g. Shanghai (area code = 021) => 9 0 21 12345678; Mobile phone: =>9 0 138 1234 5678

International Call:

9+00+【Country code】+【Area code】+【Phone Number】

E.g. New York (area code = 212), USA (country code = 1) => 9 00 1 212 1234567890 Hong Kong (country code= 852) => 9 00 852 12345678