Evaluation and Admission includes New Student Registration System, the Undergraduate International Student Admissions Application System, the Enrollment System for Foreign Language Students, and the Comprehensive Evaluation Admission System.

New Student Registration System:

This system is designed for new students, and it aims to optimize the user experience and improve working efficiency. Its main functions include applicants information collection, data management, information collection, activities management,  data query, statistics management, etc.

Undergraduate International Student Admissions Application System:

This system is developed for undergraduate international students. Its main functions include students information collection, data management of students' enrollment, evaluation and examination of students' data, data query and statistics, etc.

Registration of Foreign Language Students:

A system that facilitates applicants to fill in and declare their information more conveniently. Applicants can fill in and upload information according to the system's prescribed procedures. It also supports applicants with efficient functions such as preliminary examination, pre-admission, examination arrangement, etc.

Comprehensive Evaluation Admission System

The main functions include candidate data collection, candidate data management, candidate data query and statistics, information review, examination arrangement, etc.