As a complement of the campus card, the WeChat Campus Card is a smart platform based on WeChat. It is developed by Student Union with the support of ITSO. It provides services such as campus directory, books borrowing inquiry, campus bus schedules, time table inquiry, electricity balance charging and so on.

1. Follow the official WeChat account of iSupport 
You need to follow the WeChat official account of iSupport before you use the WeChat Campus Card and Mini Program. iSupport is the official WeChat account of ITSO. The IT campus service and related information will be sent via this account.
Scan the QR code to follow.

2. Get and activate the WeChat Campus Card
Scan the Mini Program code to get your WeChat Campus Card! Please click “Confirm” and follow the instruction to get and activate your WeChat Campus Card.

3. Go back to the Mini Program and start to use
After you have activated your WeChat Campus Card, please go back to the Mini Program and start to use it. If it still reminds you to get the WeChat Campus Card, you can exit the Mini Program and then scan the code again to enter.