High Performance Cluster Rates (Trial)


1. High performance computing machine hour rates 

Resource Type



0.04 RMB (per Core per Hour)

2080Ti 0.50 RMB (per Card per Hour)

GPUs other than 2080Ti, V100, A100 and A800

1.00 RMB (per Card per Hour)

V100 1.50 RMB (per Card per Hour)
A100、A800 2.00 RMB (per Card per Hour)

The rates vary depending on the resource type. ITSO will dynamically adjust the rates based on the usage queues of the different resources and publish them on the official website in advance.

2. Storage space usage rates 

Up to 1TB per account

(consult the administrator about cluster file count limits)

Over 1TB per account

(simultaneously expand the file count limit and storage space quota)


25 RMB (per TB per Month)

1. Each account can use 1TB of storage space for free (for file count limits of each cluster, please consult the administrator), and any excess will be charged a fee of 25 RMB per 1TB per month (simultaneously expanding the file count limit and storage space quota).

2. If no servers are contributed for sharing, each team can use a maximum of 15TB of free storage space. In principle, the number of accounts in a team should not exceed 15.

3. Users applying for storage space expansion should specify the usage time at the time of application. After approval, storage space usage fees will be charged in a lump based on the requested time. If a reduction is applied afterwards, no fees will be refunded.

4. The maximum usage time for the paid storage space is one year; extensions must be reapplied. If the storage space fee is overdue, HPC use by the involved personal accounts or the entire team will be suspended.

5. Teams sharing servers with the HPC are entitled to additional free storage space according to the servers’ value when they are contributed. Every 100,000 yuan of shared servers corresponds to a converted 1TB of free storage space. For example, if a team shares servers worth 1 million, it can have an additional 10TB of free storage space.

6. If the contributor reclaims the shared servers, the free storage space converted when the servers join the HPC will be revoked.

7. In principle, the storage space each team can purchase should be at most 50TB, and no converted or deducted quota can be used for payment. The team PI needs to pay for the excess storage space from their research funding.

8. The file count limit and the storage space quota are expanded simultaneously; it is not permissible to expand only the file count limit or solely the storage space quota.