Please check to see if there is light coming out of the projector (to check whether the projector is turned on). If it is turned on, please check if the computer is in the duplicate mode (Windows+P desktop). You can switch between duplicate and extend modes. Also, please check whether you chose the correct signal source on the touch screen.

Please check whether the touch screen is on. If it is open, click on the “Device” interface. Click the PC button. Then press the power button of the PC and hold for 5 seconds to turn off and on again.

Click “Volume” on the center control panel to increase or decrease the volume or mute the sound.

If you are using the PC in the class room to play, please click “Volume” on the center control panel to increase the volume the sound. If you are using your own laptop, when connecting with the VGA, you need to connect Audio cable in the multimedia box and check whether the laptop's audio option is Speaker; if connecting with the HDMI, you do not need to connect the audio cable, but you need to confirm another signal as the default device.

Open the touch screen and click Light. There are various modes and single lamp controls. You can freely adjust the effect you want.