We advise you when you have problems with printing:

  1. Regardless of whether or not it is within your capacity, you can self-troubleshooting, for example, adding paper, jamming out, closing the front cover or side cover of the printer.
  2. Check the Internet connection of your computer. Whether the network connection is working and whether it is connected to the campus network.
  3. Check out the following sections of this document for instructions and methods.
  4. Seek for ITSO support if your problems are not solved through all above.

Contact ITSO Service Desk(First Floor TD )

Telephone 丨 842-73333

E-mail 丨 isupport@cuhk.edu.cn

Online Service Deskhttps://itsm.cuhk.edu.cn

Enter the WeChat Official account namediSupport”. Click  on文印服务->用户中心on the bottom right. You can rebind your account after clicking on the button Change Binding.

The most common reason is the obstruction incurred by antivirus software (Tencent PC Manager, 360 security, etc.) in the installation process. The solutions are as follows.

  1. Make sure that the Windows account currently logged-in has Administrator permission.
  2. Make sure to run the installation package as administrator, instead of double-click.
  3. Disable antivirus software before installation. You can restart your computer if it still fails.

The printer turns gray and fail to print because of antivirus software such as 360 security. It deletes the printer port as startup mistakenly. Recovering method: click “SysPrint-management platform for cloud printing->printer client”, and click on “Antivirus mistakenly deleted repair” to run. Follow the wizard to complete the process.

The occurrence of the frozen amount is due to the jobs submitted but not printed out yet. Jobs in the queue yet not printed will produce frozen amount. There are following methods to release it.

  1. You need to go to the printer end, log in to the printer, and print out your job.
  2. Delete your print job. (Visit Cloud Print website using any web browser and click on “My Job List” to delete jobs. Another method is to log in to the printer to delete jobs in the job list.)
  3. You do not have to do anything. The system will delete the unprinted job automatically after 48 hours.

The Cloud Print website visit is limited to campus network only. The following are possible reasons.

  1. The network to which your computer is connected is not the campus network.
  2. The DNS is connected to the public network which is not distributed by our university.
  3. VPN is connected.

Supported formats: WORD (doc, docx), EXCEL (xls, xlsx), PPT(ppt, pptx), PDF, JPG, PNG. The maximum size limit of the file is 10M.

The default setting of the printer driver is Mono currently. Windows and MacOS share the same default settings. You can set the printing preferences if you need to output color.

Will not. At this point, you can see the pop-up message of insufficient balance, the job will not be submitted, and the quota will not be frozen.