Faculty Recruitment
It is used for faculty recruitment of Schools in the University, which includes Screening, Interview, Voting and Initial Approval. After the applicant submits the application materials, Schools can set the process by themselves to complete the faculty recruitment.
Student Information System is built based on Oracle PeopleSoft Campus. The modules of student file management, training program, course selection and grade management have already been completed to support the management of students’ academic life cycle.
Blackboard Learn is a virtual learning environment and course management system. It is a Web-based server software which features course management, customizable open architecture, and scalable design that allows integration with student information systems and authentication protocols. It provides users with a platform for communication and sharing content.
Course and Teaching Evaluation
Course and Teaching Evaluation (CTE) collects students' feedback on teaching contents and methods through anonymous questionnaires usually conducted in the last two weeks of the semester. As a means to enhance the quality of teaching in the University, CTE results are also used as one element of input for academic staff appraisal.
Individual Website Portal
Staff can use the templates to set up the individual website or choose to coding their own website.
Online Video Streaming Service
Panopto is not only a video management platform, but also one of the tools used by faculty to make online classroom courseware. Currently, videos of the University’s official website and E-Learning platform are stored on Panopto. As it is seamlessly integrated with Blackboard, faculty can directly upload videos to Panopto via Blackboard, and students can log into Blackboard to watch course videos online.