Online Application of Postgraduate Programs
It is provided for graduate students who are interested in enrolling in our University. Applicants can not only complete all the application procedures online through this platform, but also can view the comments and results by the University.
Student Affairs Management
Student Affairs Management System mainly includes general information, accommodation, student tracking record, activity management, absence request, career planning and development, leave clearance and student labor payment, etc.
Booking Services and Management
It includes functions such as venue booking, catering event application, shuttle booking, car booking, office supplies application, staff house application and management, business facilities management, property performance and management, etc.
Human Resources & Payroll Management
It provides employees with the self-services like update the staff’s personal info, background, bank account, etc. Employees also have access to submit a request for absence and review the payroll info in this system.
Finance & Expense Claim
Expenses reimbursement, payment approval, budget inquiry and other daily business have all been carried out through the cost control system. Meanwhile, users can conduct approval and inquiry through WeCom to access it.
Procurement and Bidding
The Procurement and Bidding System implements the entire electronic procurement process of the University, which includes procurement management portal, supplier management, procurement project management, electronic bidding, etc.
Online Payment
The platform not only supports students to check the information of pending payment and payment by themselves, but also can be used to pay tuition, accommodation, miscellaneous fees, examination fees, application fees and other fees online. At the same time, the platform supports many common payment methods, such as WeChat, Alipay, CITIC online banking and bank card payment.
Admission and Evaluation
It includes the online comprehensive evaluation admission, admission management analysis, registration, and data management of CRM.
Equipment and Assets Management
Equipment and Assets Management system includes account creation, process change, asset disposal, asset borrowing, revision and printing, asset transfer, asset adjustment, asset depreciation, etc.
Academic Links Management
It manages the exchange program including International Summer Program, International Exchange & Visiting Program. It can be used to make announcements, registration, review, evaluation, and admission.