CUHK-Shenzhen Mobile
CUHK-Shenzhen Mobile includes not only email, calendar, meeting, and chat functions by default, but also other functions grouped.

Online Office365
Microsoft's Office 365 suite combines email, calendar, OneDrive file storage, Office Online apps, as well as other collaboration products available to all University students. Students are able to access the 17 tools by using apps on mobile devices or a web browser via the URL:
MyPortal includes two basic support platforms which are unified identity authentication platform and unified information portal platform. All information systems can be accessed by users with your CUHK(SZ) account and password according to the authorizations and privileges. This system also realizes data exchange and sharing between various business systems and data center platforms, eliminating the "information island".
Self-Service Printing
The printing terminals are deployed in libraries, student activity centers, colleges, teaching buildings and administrative buildings on campus. Users can print by visiting the web page to upload documents. (only via intranet)