Computer Labs
Computer Labs located in Room 201, 202, 203, Cheng Dao Building and Room TC301, TD 303, TD 314, TD 414 are set for teaching and learning. The basic computer courses, programming and other courses will be carried out here. These labs are open outside class regular hours, a variety of standard professional software is available for you to use.
Language Labs
Language labs located in Room 209, 420, Cheng Dao Building, Room 206, 207, 309, 310, Zhi Xin Building and TB 414, TD510. They are set for Written and Oral interpretation courses. The students can get the headphones on to practice by using the audio system.
Simultaneous Interpreting Labs
Simultaneous interpreting (SI) labs are located in the Board Conference Room 103, Dao Yuan Building and Room 420, Cheng Dao Building. The labs are equipped with the advanced simultaneous interpreting system mainly used for professional foreign language teaching and simultaneous interpretation training.
Seminar rooms
Seminar rooms are mainly located in the library and each room is equipped with a big TV. Students can present their PPT on the TV via their mobile devices.
Multimedia Classrooms
ITSO provides service and assistance for almost 150 general-purpose classrooms and specialized media services, equipment and operators for extra-curricular activities and special events which occur outside the class structure.

Almost every classroom located throughout the CUHK(SZ) campus is equipped with an audio-visual system, including computer, screen/interactive whiteboards, microphone, projector and visual presenter. The system incorporates high-resolution video displays, voice reinforcement and control capabilities allowing instructors to deliver lively and effective classes. The system can be operated on a touch panel on the teacher desk.