As one of the three major statistical software, SAS is recognized as an authority in the field of data mining and business intelligence analysis. The powerful analysis capabilities and high integration of its products will provide comprehensive support in all aspects.
On-Campus download: enter: \\\stufolder in Windows Explorer to download.
 think-cell is a presentation software that integrates with PowerPoint and Excel seamlessly to help you visualize complex data using charts. Its main features are as follows:

●Create 40+ chart types, including Waterfalls, Gantts, Marimekkos and Agendas in a few minutes - saving 70% of net working time.
●Automate the creation of charts and layouts to make working with PowerPoint easier, faster, and more enjoyable.
●Improve your class presentations and impress your audience
●Learn more.

The software is available for free to all students, staff and faculty members. Log in to read the terms in document “Software License Agreement for Academic Nonprofit Use” and obtain your license.

Download link:

In case of any problems during download, installation or usage please refer to the following web page:
For more information, please refer to the URL:
The University has purchased the Matlab campus version, and provides it to teachers and students. Besides the computers managed by the university, all teachers and students can also deploy MathWorks products on their personal computers, including English and simplified Chinese versions, and enjoy online resource services and other content. For more details, please visit the MATLAB portal of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen :